Shoot Great Video with Your Nikon DSLR Camera

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Nikons video-equipped digital SLR cameras can capture professional quality HD video, but getting great video from a still camera is not simple or intuitive. Getting the results you want requires a lot more than exposure, focus and white balance. Happily weve already done the research! Youll learn the skills and secrets to producing great video. This video tutorial is intended for the still photographer moving into video for the first time. Youll benefit from the wealth of tips and techniques offered in this presentation.

Learn how to maximize your cameras strengths in just a couple of hours. With this video tutorial and a little practice, your video can look and sound exactly as you imagined it.

Whether you shoot with a D300s, D90, D5000, or any other Nikon DSLR that captures video, understanding the challenges and your options for overcoming them can make all the difference.


- Introduction
- DSLR Video: New Challenges
- The Challenges of Compression
- Creating Your Own Picture Controls
- Supporting Your Camera
- Lenses
- Recording Audio
- Lighting
- Putting Color into Practice
- Video Grammar
- Editing Options
- Putting it All Together


- On the go video playback. No WIFI required after initial install for watching in the field.
- Online customer support.